Optical Camera Module Testing

ASMPT provides a broad range of optical camera module test options. As creator of the industry’s first active alignment and test system, ASMPT has engineered a complete platform capable of ensuring the quality of cameras for mobile, automotive, medical and surveillance camera applications.

ASMPT systems provide capability for in-process testing and characterization as well as final test and validation. Test limits are programmable and all test results are logged for traceability as well as statistical process control.


Test Modules

Image Quality Test (IQT) We measure optical performance of assembled cameras with the most comprehensive set of tests against the operational thermal range of the final product including:

  • through focus curves
  • boresight
  • tip/tilt

Intrinsic Parameter Calibration (IPC) Calibrates intrinsic parameters (IP) for cameras up to 200 degree HFOV against the most prominent industry standards.


Design, Software and Technology

  • Smallest footprint in the industry while delivering a cycle ime of < 10 seconds.
  • PCT FlexTest software suite allows the customization of tests configurations.
  • Changeover time between products < 10 minutes, options to run products with zero changeover time.
  • The IPC module contains no moving parts to guarantee industry leading MTBF.
  • Designed for lean 24/7 production.