Post-Cure Test Solution

Test 100% of your production

Compact Post-cure Test Equipment

ADAS requires absolute road safety and every component integrated into ADAS must be rigorously tested. ASMPT’s innovative Post Cure Test (PCT) System ensures 100% of manufactured cameras meet the highest industry standards.

Our new PCT systems are already bringing process control to the mass-production lines of our Tier 1 customers, performing critical testing of breakthrough products to bring ADAS technology to market.

Industry Standard – Perfect Partner

  • The PCT is the perfect partner to our CMAT systems that are responsible for the major share of all ADAS cameras produced in the market.
  • Combining the PCT with our CMAT, as illustrated, produces an exceptional correlation of optical results enabling a Closed Loop continuous feedback. This delivers extraordinary process control right at the critical stage of camera assembly.

Each product family offers unique value propositions but every product delivers on 4 Key Benefits.

Our value propositions

Built on our deep process engineering background we offer systems that improve our customer’s production performance every day.

Modular Tests allowing choice & remarkable economic value
Image Quality Test (IQT) – Measures optical performance of assembled cameras with the most comprehensive set of tests against the operational thermal range of the

final product.
Intrinsic Parameter Calibration (IPC) – Calibrates intrinsic parameters (IP) for cameras up to 120 Degree HFOV against the most prominent industry standards

Our design, software and technology all drive value for our customers
  • Smallest footprint in the industry while delivering a cycle time of < 10 seconds
  • PCT FlexTest software suite allows the customization of tests configurations.
  • Changeover time between products < 10 minutes, options to run products with zero changeover time.
  • The IPC module contains no moving parts to guarantee industry leading MTBF.
  • Designed for lean 24/7 production.

Our tests and design leads to significant process control
  • Accurate MTF results using individually calibrated high-performance collimators.
  • Accurate EFL measurements are ensured by illumination matching operational environment color temperature.
  • IPC calibration quality – checked by scheduled inline validation testing without interruption of the production line.

Economic Value
  • 99% yield achievement optimizing the economics of the production line. Scrap costs money.
  • Maximizing throughput. Minimizing unit costs.
  • One system optimizes productivity and minimizes unit costs.
  • Tailored testing optimizes productivity and ensure products are produced right first time.
  • Maximizing your ROI.