Rapid Active Alignment

ASMPT’s history of innovating the process of active alignment of camera lenses to image sensors has led to our proprietary algorithms for achieving optimal camera performance in the fastest time.

Traditionally camera modules were assembled passively – without utilizing information from the image sensor. Some cameras are assembled using the image sensor information only to adjust the lens height from the sensor. The ASMPT CMAT Modular system uses the image sensor to actively align the lens in 5 or 6 degrees of freedom for cameras. Active alignment is the only way to maximize the camera performance by removing manufacturing variations in the lenses, housings and sensor assemblies.

ASMPT’s rapid active alignment hardware and software provide unparalleled capability:

  • Positions the lens relative to the sensor for optimal focus across the entire field of view – use 5 (6) axes active alignment.
  • Positions the lens relative to the sensor to ensure optimal performance across the entire temperature operational range.
  • Faithful representation of the world coordinates by the final aligned product through precise camera fixture design used at the alignment step.
  • Design for manufacturing – an integral part of our approach to a new product development process.
  • State of the art targeting system designed for on-the-fly changeover – visible to IR illumination, any object distance, configurable field heights.
  • Maximize stereoscopic camera depth perception by aligning optical axes and pixels of each “eye”.
  • Optical solutions for alignment of wide field-of-view (FOV) lenses up to 220°.
  • Proprietary algorithms and hardware which realize the best lens position in the fastest time.